Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Teslagrad Gets Physical On Wii U In Early 2015!

The Wii U is home to a robust selection of excellent Indie games on its eShop service with many of the games being even better than the big budget AAA titles pumped into retail for $60. With this success, some indie developers are given the opportunity to actually release a physical retail version of their game. For fans of physical media in gaming (myself included), the opportunity to add these games to their gaming library complete with disc and boxart is something quite special.

This brings us to the excellent Metroidvania game known as Teslagrad which was developed by Rain Games and saw release on the Wii U in September. The game received great reviews and is up there with titles like Shovel Knight as one of the best Indie games available on Nintendo's criminally underrated HD console. It was announced earlier this year that Rain Games had worked out a deal to release a physical retail disc version of the game for the Wii U but the specific date has yet to be set. It has been revealed that SOEDESCO will be managing the physical distribution and the game is set for an early 2015 release on Wii U. If you're tired of the same old shit being shoveled out by traditional third party developers every year and want to support a developer with passion, you should grab a copy of Teslagrad (digital or physical) and experience this wonderful gem. Enjoy!

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