Wednesday, August 29, 2012

La-Mulana Whips WiiWare Into Shape September 20

La-Mulana, an amazing "Metroidvania" style action adventure game for PC and WiiWare, has just popped up on Nintendo Of America's website with a September 20, 2012 release date.  Developed by Nigoro and released in Japan last year, the game seemingly lost its chance for a stateside release when former publisher Nicalis backed out of the project.  One of the better WiiWare releases, La Mulana had gathered quite a few fans in both North America and Europe who were pretty upset at the news that they wouldn't be able to get the game on Nintendo's little white box. Fans can now rejoice thanks to EnjoyUp Games who have taken up publishing the adventure in both the US and PAL regions. If you enjoy a good challenge and  like Metroidvania games with an Indiana Jones vibe, get your Wii prepped with 1000 WiiWare Points by September 20.

La-Mulana TGS 2010 Trailer

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