Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Last Story Unboxed In All Its Glory

The Last Story has finally been released and as expected, XSEED Games has produced a beautiful package that puts most other "Limited Edition" releases to shame in its simplicity and elegance.  Personally, I like my limited editions to be a bit more focused and conservative than other recent releases meant to simply cash in on fans.  XSEED has always done a good job of keeping things simple and affordable while still offering fans nice packages with bonuses they actually want.  The Last Story pre-order edition includes:

  • Special Custom Box made to look like a book complete with embossed character art and big enough to hold everything included.
  • 7 track premium soundtrack CD limited to pre-order copies
  • 44 page fully color Art Book
  • Game, Case & 39 page full color instruction manual
The instruction manual is really nice when you consider that most manuals are nothing more than 2-3 pages of black & white images only showing basic controls and this manual gives you everything needed like the manuals of old.  Most importantly, they didn't mess with the gorgeous artwork which is absolutely stunning when compared to many other JRPG's.  The whole package invokes some of the best classic Final Fantasy's which makes sense considering its lineage.  Below is my personal pre-order edition of the game spread out in all of its glory.

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