Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Possible Wii U Launch Info?

With the full Wii U reveal less than 2 days away, the internet and even some stores are spreading what they believe to be the actual launch price(s).  My own personal experience with this came yesterday at a Best Buy where one of their blue shirted minions gave me the lowdown as told to him by the company.  Here is a list of what the Best Buy minion and the internet have for the Wii U launch:

  • Pre-orders may begin as early as 4pm EST when Nintendo's official announcement wraps up. (Show is scheduled 9/13 from 10am-4pm EST)
  • 3 different bundles ranging from $250 - $350
  • Scheduled to launch about a week before Thanksgiving which seems to match previous Nintendo system launches. (11/18/2012 is the most likely date if this is true)
We will have the official information Thursday and I will be posting the details as they come in.  Interestingly, the 3 different bundle approach is the first time since the original NES launch in the mid 80's that Nintendo has launch a console like this.  Odds are, Nintendo will offer a base model for $250, a model with game pack-in and possible pro controller for $300, and a loaded model with game, pro controller and original Wii accessories for $350.  That's just my take but it seems to fit what people would want for the launch.  We'll know for sure in less than 48 hours.

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