Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kickoff Your NFL Season With Tecmo Super Bowl 2013

Most sports video games are released and forgotten within a year when their "new" version comes out, it has been this way for almost every sports game across all game systems.  Every so often, a sports game comes out which focuses on fun and accessibility over technical details and minor updates resulting in a title that truly stands the test of time.  Tecmo Super Bowl for the original 8-bit Nintendo is one of those games and remains as fun to play today as when it was released back in 1991, a true testament to its perfectly balanced design that allows any gamer to pick up and enjoy.  To celebrate this legacy, the team over at have addressed one of the few flaws with this game by updating its roster and releasing it under the aptly titled Tecmo Super Bowl 2013.  Few game ROM's have been updated like Tecmo Super Bowl which has been tweaked and released almost as much as the Madden game series, minus all the price gouging EA is known for considering these updates are all FREE. Check out the release page for all of the details on this latest edition of one of the most legendary sports video games of all time.  Enjoy and...

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