Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hotel Transylvania Looks Like A Belmont Vacation Spot

With a few notable exceptions, games based on a movie license elicit a collective groan among many true gamer's. All to often, these games are created on low budgets and very short time frames resulting in less than stellar final products. There are a few companies who know how to beat the odds and create an enjoyable experience that takes an established formula and blends it successfully with said license. Wayforward is a company that makes good licensed games which helps fund their excellent original franchises like Shantae. For Hotel Transylvania, Wayforward has opted to use a very fitting Metroidvania map and progress system to create what looks like a Castlevania-Lite for younger gamer's that will likely appeal to fans as well. They took a similar approach in their excellent Aliens: Infestation for Nintendo DS. Check out the new launch trailer to see what the game looks like when it launches on the Nintendo DS & 3DS September 25th.

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