Saturday, February 23, 2013

Luigi's Mansion 2 Commercial Is 90's Era Saturday Morning Greatness

The original Luigi's Mansion on Gamecube is one of the great underrated classics that people love to hate because it wasn't a Mario launch title for Nintendo's little purple box. In essence, it was the Big N's charming take on the niche survival horror genre. While the original game struggled against Mario's tradition of kicking off new Nintendo consoles, it has become much more appreciated in the 12 years since its launch which has resulted in a highly anticipated sequel for the popular 3DS. Nintendo has even gone as far as labeling 2013 as the "Year of Luigi" with a slew of new titles starring/co-starring the often forgotten brother. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for 3DS kicks things off next month and Nintendo has put together a great commercial that feels like a nostalgic trip to a time when Saturday morning cartoons were the best place to see trailers for new games. Enjoy!

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