Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kickstart "The Golem" For Linux, Mac and PC

As traditional game companies trudge forward with increasingly "safe" games that are growing both visually and creatively stale, I find myself drawn more and more to indie game projects that show a fresh vision for the future of the industry. Kickstarter has been a wonderful tool for these unique visions to come to life and while the establishment and traditional console gamer's wait for its failure, it seems to be a turning point for the industry.

There are some damn impressive games on display at Kickstarter with Moonbot Studios newest game known simply as The Golem showing a lot of promise. The game is described as a third person action RPG where you control the giant titular Golem which is created to defend your city against an invading army. The team is asking for $750,000 in funding which is quite reasonable for a game of this scope and scale. While I could go on, I feel the team has done a fantastic job of introducing the project in their pitch video. Enjoy and be sure to fund if you like what you see.

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