Friday, February 15, 2013

Linux Is Officially Steamed!

Linux users can rejoice at the news that their favorite open source OS now has Valve's Steam platform available for their gaming needs. To kick things off, Steam is having a special sale through February 21 which features over 50 games discounted up to 80%! Through the end of the month, Valve is also giving Linux players of the free Team Fortress 2 on Steam a cool in-game item in the form of the Linux penguin mascot "Tux".

I personally gave Steam a test run last night and found that it works quite well. A few things to note for those who want to give it a try:
  • Runs best in Ubuntu (You'll need to be running one of the following versions: 10.04, 11.04, 12.04 or 12.10)
  • You may need to update your video drivers to run Steam. I found myself forced to run unstable Nvidia Beta drivers in order to get Steam running.
One final note is compatibility with previously purchased games on other platforms. I have the Orange Box for PC and ran it just fine before Steam dropped support for Windows 2000. Upon logging into Steam on Linux, those titles are in my library but have not been made compatible with Linux yet. I will keep you posted on whether you have to repurchase games on not. If anyone else has an answer to this, please comment below.


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