Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force Coming This Fall To Wii U, 3DS and Wii!

Activision has announced the third title in the mega successful toy/video game series, Skaylanders Swap Force. The new game is due out this fall and brings with it some changes to the series. The biggest addition comes in the form of the new "Swapping" mechanic in the title. The titular Swap Force characters will feature the ability to swap their magnetic top an bottom half's which will allow you to customize how you play with a character. For example, you could build a character that has a water base and fire torso allowing you to enter water while using fire attacks. The new mechanic will allow a total of 256 different combinations between the new characters. This will also require a new portal that will be included with all versions of the game.

The game features 56 Skylanders in all, 32 of which will be new characters. That's an impressive bump from the mere 16 new characters found in Giants. You will once again be able to quickly identify new toys in your collection as Swap Force characters will feature a blue base (Giants had an orange base and Spyro's Adventure had a green base). Here is a quick breakdown of the new toys:
  • 16 Swap Force Skylanders
  • 16 New "Core" Skylanders
  • 8 Light Core Skylanders
  • 16 Series 3 Skylanders
Swap Force also sports a feature fans have been begging for, jumping! This means that the reliance on jump pads will likely be reduced and the levels will feature more platforming elements to mix things up. Oddly, series creators Toys For Bob is not bringing this latest game to home consoles as they did for the previous two games. While the game is coming to all Nintendo systems, it will be done through three different teams:
  • Vicarious Visions (Wii U)
  • N-Space (3DS)
  • Beenox (Wii)
What are your thoughts on the new game? Are you excited and which system(s) do you plan to get the game for? Please comment below and be sure to follow Treon's Realm on Twitter.


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