Thursday, February 21, 2013

PlayStation 4 Was Revealed Last Night Leaving More Questions Than Answers

Having sat through the rather dull 2 hour PlayStation 4 "reveal" last night, where Sony didn't even reveal the damn machine, I felt a bit confused what this thing is supposed to do outside of produce slightly prettier graphics. Honestly it felt like a grab bag of ideas and concepts from other console manufacturers and developers with Sony talking it up as if they are bringing you the future of gaming. Here is a quick rundown with my own admittedly biased take on what Sony revealed.
  • Remote play with the PS Vita is the same feature built into the Wii U only WAY more expensive requiring you to buy a handheld many don't want.
  • The controller (known as the DualShock utterly original) looks like the DualShock humped the OUYA Controller and got some sort of weird glowing blue VD as a result.
  • Their online service is described as some sort of bizarre hybrid of Xbox Live and Nintendo's Miiverse where your friends can play "big brother" and watch you play.
  • The new PS4 Camera looks like the Sony version of the Xbox Kinect and will track the DualShock 4 and PS Move leading me to believe...
  • ...Sony is going to shove the PS Move wand down your throat until you buy into it going as far as showing it off like Nintendo's ill received Wii Music showing from E3 2008.
  • Borderline creepy reveals for titles such as Infamous: Second Son and Driveclub where the Designer's talk about Orwellian surveillance and get a little too intimate with in-game car details.
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall was shown and looks like EVERY other FPS on the market with slightly prettier visuals. 
  • Ports being pushed as a big deal yet oddly available on many other older systems. We got the year old Diablo III for PC coming to PS3 & PS4, Destiny from Bungie coming for just about everything, Watch Dogs from UbiSoft also coming for everything under the sun. In other words, why will people buy a new console if all the big titles are on their previous console?
Overall, it was a rather disjointed conference that said little more than "we have a new system coming this fall and there will be games on it". Seriously, Sony supposedly revealed a console last night and didn't show an actual system while offering very nebulous ideas of what the thing is supposed to do. While many are quick to accept post conference quotes from Sony that the machine won't lock used games and will use physical media, I can't buy into that yet. Their quotes come off like a politician trying to dodge hard questions by telling people what they want to hear without a firm yes or no. VideoGamerTV posted a hilarious and rather fitting video of the PS4 announcement narrowing the bloated 2 hour event down to 3 1/2 minutes. Enjoy!

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