Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gunman Clive 3DS Crushes Its Android & IOS Siblings

While Analysts continue to predict doom and gloom for Nintendo and its consoles, titles such as Gunman Clive show that these "professionals" are often talking out of their collective asses. One of the biggest arguments made against the 3DS is that it can't possibly compete against the likes of IOS (Apple) and Android devices based on sheer numbers. In a bit of a middle finger to the Analysts, Gunman Clive on 3DS has now outsold BOTH the IOS and Android versions of the game with the Android version being the previous leader. This is extremely impressive when you consider that the game was on both devices long before the 3DS version and those systems have a much larger base of customers. Hell, the 3DS version has only been out less than 2 months! As the industry moves forward, we will continue to see smaller success stories such as this while companies such as EA, Sony and Capcom struggle against their size and inability to adapt to the future. Once again, xRazorFistx puts it best.

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