Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Resident Evil Revelations: Unveiled Edition Details Surface For Wii U

Some new details have been revealed about Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil Revelations: Unveiled Edition hitting all home consoles this May:
  • Off-Screen play via the Wii U Gamepad
  • Wii U Pro Controller support
  • Over 10 characters in Raid mode (The original game featured 10 playable characters in Raid Mode and so far, Hunk is the only confirmed extra character)
  • Tweaks to story mode with items in different places
  • DLC pack available to purchase for those who buy the game early on featuring exclusive weapons for Campaign and Raid modes (Really Capcom, paid DLC on a $50 port of a $20 3DS game!?)
  • Samurai Edge – Jill Model
  • Government – Parker Model
  • G18 – Jessica Model
Capcom has also stated that they don't intend to feature Wii Remote controls as an option for Wii U players which is a huge mark against the company considering the RE4 motion controls trump all other control options. Their quote did add that this control option was not featured "at this time" which still leaves it open for a downloadable patch later on. Oddly, they have yet to confirm or deny rumors that the Wii U version would allow for gyro aiming like the 3DS version. If we are forced to use the inferior analog stick only controls, I would have serious trouble recommending this title to fans.

While I am thrilled that many fans who missed it last year will be able to experience this great Resident Evil title, I'm not drinking the Capcom Kool-Aid which claims that this was in response to fan requests. This game is happening because of the horrible mess that was Resident Evil 6 and Capcom's need to quickly recover from that sales disaster. The series has lost a lot of credibility with fans and is no longer the highly regarded survival horror innovator it once was so I will end by asking you to temper expectations for this game accordingly. The game is a solid title that should have been the true follow up to the fourth entry in the series but is ultimately a band aid for a franchise that has been bleeding out since the exit of series creator Shinji Mikami.

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