Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OUYA Coming To Stores June 2013!

While the video game industry continues to argue about hardware specs and what defines the "Next Gen", the little system that literally lets ANYONE make a game for the TV is gearing up to hit retail this June. The OUYA is a game changer that scares the shit out of the establishment not because of its hardware but due to it's the potential to introduce new games from truly independent game developers without the shackles of traditional publishing giants like EA and Activision. These types of games have generally been relegated to devices that are not dedicated gaming machines like PC's and Smartphones which has hurt their credibility among the core console gamer. The OUYA changes that because the system's price feels like an impulse buy at $99 and the machine is completely open source which means that every console is also a development unit. The OUYA team has done a great job of spreading awareness of the machine and showing their commitment by listening to early developers resulting in controller improvements as well as getting mainstream retail support through some of the biggest video game outlets. While many will continue to scoff at the machine, there is a real chance that this new home console will send a shockwave through an industry that has become complacent with endless sequels and big budget "me to" games showing little creativity or innovation. When Treon's Realm receives its unit this March, I will be sure to give you a first hand breakdown and impressions of what this machine is all about. You will be able to grab your OUYA for $99.99 (an extra controller is $49.99) at:

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