Friday, May 3, 2013

Eternal Darkness Getting A Crowdfunded Spiritual Successor

Few horror games have built up such a fierce following like Eternal Darkness. The 11 year old GameCube classic continues to draw in new fans who have begged and pleaded for a sequel since its release. New developer Precursor Games has released a teaser through IGN for Shadow of the Eternals which is being touted as the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness. The development team is made up of people who worked on the GameCube original including Dennis Dyack. What's really interesting is that the game will be crowdfunded (likely through Kickstarter) which effectively sidesteps corporate control of the game. This was a major problem that Eternal Darkness developer Silicon Knights ran into where just about every original IP they worked on ended up being owned by the publishers and not them. The crowdfunding campaign officially kicks off May 6th (this Monday) so expect updates as they become available. Until then, enjoy the slick teaser trailer that is sure to delight fans of Eternal Darkness!
Shadow of the Eternals Official Website

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