Thursday, May 9, 2013

Introducing The Humble Double Fine Bundle

Anyone who is a regular to Treon's Realm knows that we love indie games as well as their developers and one of the best is Double Fine Productions. Always a great company with a talented team, the crew at Double Fine has produced many excellent and truly original games. After making video game history last year with their legendary Kickstarter campaign, the company has since broken further away from the traditional developer/publisher model and firmly established itself as a trailblazing independent game developer. Double Fine and its founder Tim Schafer have kicked off their latest promotion/fundraiser with the indie friendly Humble Bundle.

The "Humble Double Fine Bundle" gives gamer's a chance to grab some of the companies best games for a mere fraction of their normal cost, all while helping charity (for a limited time). All games are DRM free and work on all three operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux). The games available in this bundle are:
  • Costume Quest (Adventure/RPG)
  • Psychonauts (Platformer)
  • Stacking (Adventure)
  • Brutal Legend (Action/Adventure/RPG)
  • Broken Age (Point-and-Click Adventure)
Three of the games (Costume Quest, Psychonauts, Stacking) are pay what you want while Brutal Legend is available provided you donate more than the average. Their famous Kickstarter game (Broken Age) will be added to your collection if you donate $35 or more. You will even get the soundtracks to Psychonauts and Brutal Legend included with your order. This is an amazing deal and I encourage everyone to share this with your friends since their are few things as great as helping charity, supporting indie developers and getting some excellent games in return. Enjoy!

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