Friday, May 3, 2013

New Eternal Darkness 2 Details Reveal The Game Is Officially Coming To Wii U

As promised here is some more information on what is the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals. The biggest reveal is that the game is set to hit the Nintendo Wii U which excites the imagination when you consider all of the systems features (motion control, touch screen, camera, etc.) and how these can be used to screw with players through the games patented "sanity effects". While the Wii U had a rough start, the system is quickly shaping up to be an excellent home for fan favorite games. Here is a quick rundown of what we know (tune in next week for more details).
  • Coming to Wii U and PC in Q3 2014 (provided crowdfunding it successful)
  • Developer Precursor Games is a new company formed out of the ashes of Silicon Knights (at last report, Silicon Knights had a skeleton staff of 5)
  • Game is a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness
  • Shadows of the Eternals will be episodic (each episode will offer roughly 2-4 hours of gameplay)
  • Current goal is to make a "season" of 12 playable episodes (each episode will focus on one playable character)
  • Combat, magick and sanity effects from first game will return (this likely contributed to the game being set for Wii U as Nintendo owns the sanity effects mechanic as well as the entirety of Eternal Darkness)
  • Funding goal is set at $1.5 million (it may seem like a lot but this is incredibly reasonable considering most games of this type have budgets in the tens of millions)
  • Kickstarter will not be used for funding due to limitations of the program based on developer location (Canada in this case). Another crowdfunding program will be used in its place.
  • A new story which is once again inspired by H.P. Lovecraft focuses on detective Paul Becker as he investigates a brutal massacre in Louisiana that left 2 cults decimated (Becker ends up learning of the Eternals much like Alexandra Roivas in Eternal Darkness)
  • Story (episodes) will span roughly 2,500 years of history (similar to story in Eternal Darkness  which spanned 2,000 years)
  • Playable locations will include United States, England, Egypt and Hungary (The French Cathedral from the first game is clearly depicted in the teaser trailer)

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