Thursday, May 16, 2013

EA Confirms They Have No Wii U Games In Development

It seems that EA has made up their mind about Nintendo's Wii U and their decision was to cut the system off completely. In an interview with Kotaku, an EA spokesperson had this to say when questioned about EA games for the Wii U:
"We have no games in development for the Wii U currently." - company spokesperson Jeff Brown
This of course is worded in such a way that when the Wii U sales pick up due to Nintendo's own first party titles, they can come crawling back. The funny thing is that most Wii U owners also have PC's meaning that they can get their EA fix there if need be thus eliminating the companies relevance to the Nintendo crowd. This of course means little when you consider the combination of EA being voted "The worst company in America" 2 years in a row, their declining game quality and their recent announcement to essentially nickle and dime customers to death with micro-transactions and DLC (which they quickly tried to reverse due to Gamer outrage).

I am personally thankful that Wii U owners at least got access to the excellent Criterion developed Need for Speed: Most Wanted U before being cut off. As things stand right now, EA will likely wait for Nintendo to turn the system around and then slowly jump back on board. For those Wii U owning EA fans looking for their fix, I recommend looking to your PC. What are your thoughts on EA and their relationship with Nintendo? Please comment below.


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