Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fan Made Mega Man Unlimited Trailer Puts Capcom To Shame

Capcom should be hanging their heads in shame right now, fans are now producing better playable products for Mega Man than the company has in over 3 years. Mega Man Unlimited is a very impressive fan made Mega Man title in development that has even been mistaken for Mega Man 10 by some due to its amazing pixel art. The game has even caught the eye of some of the Capcom community so don't be surprised if they try to pull a Street Fighter X Mega Man and take credit for a fan work. Some of the lesser known features recently confirmed by the games head Philippe "MegaPhilX" Poulin are:
  • You can save and load your game
  • You can customize controls allowing for both keyboard and controller even allowing for both simultaneously.
  • The game will feature a Shop Menu similar to Mega Man 9 & 10 to buy power-ups
  • You'll be able to change the display size of the game through the options which will enable the game to take up your entire screen.
  • Finally, you'll have access to a dedicated slide button which has been long overdue (purists will still be able to use the [Down+Jump] to slide if they choose).
This list of improvements seems to be in direct response to fan reaction to the fun but flawed Street Fighter X Mega Man which was an impressive fan work but awkward "official release" marred by Capcom's rush to get something out for the 25th Anniversary. The game is still in development (currently in Alpha) but close to entering the QA stage. Expect to see the game release for PC's in the future and for the hardcore fans, you can follow the project on Facebook here. Enjoy the latest trailer below and be sure to show your support.

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