Thursday, May 2, 2013

Road Redemption Is The Next-Gen Road Rash You've Always Wanted

While the Nintendo 64 had some of the best console multiplayer experiences of all time, one of my personal favorites was a game that is often forgotten. That game is Road Rash 64 and it was a true gem that deserved a successor of some kind. I recently stumbled upon a Kickstarter campaign that seeks to give us exactly that in the form of Road Redemption.

The game which is essentially a racing/combat/RPG hybrid is set to hit Windows, Mac, Linux and the Nintendo Wii U (an Xbox 360 version is planned if stretch goals are met). The Wii U version really stands out with its 2 player mode which allows one player to use the TV while the other player gets the Gamepad screen allowing each player to focus on their own action (this is one of the more underrated multiplayer options available on the system). Road Redemption is completely independent and it being developed by experienced designers from companies such as Sega, Bioware and Activision. The game has about 8 days to go and the team is only $60,000 away from the $160,000 goal. The early build shown in the video looks great and has that old Road Rash vibe which is sure to please fans of the series which hasn't seen a new entry in over 10 years. Please share this with every gamer you know who would like it and be sure to show some support if you want to see this become a reality.

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