Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gametrailers Breaks Down The Epic Zelda Timeline

For years, The Legend of Zelda has drawn millions of player's into its fascinating game world which has always been engaging but also confusing when trying to make sense of how the many games relate to each other. The apparent disjointed narrative split fans between those who thought that the games were independent of each other and "Timeline Theorists" who have spent many years trying to decode how the games fit within a larger structured timeline. Ocarina of Time was the game changer that started it all, up until that landmark game everything was sequels and prequels. There were many debates about a single timeline or a split timeline until the creators confirmed a split timeline but it turns out that wasn't the entire story. Many videos and articles sprang up all over the net to debate the subject while Nintendo waited until the series 25th Anniversary to drop the news through the Hyrule Historia that the timeline was split 3 ways, not 2 like the fans thought. To make this rather large timeline a bit easier to digest, Gametrailers has just released their first video special in a series titled Timeline which explores and lays out the narratives of many epic game series with The Legend of Zelda kicking things off. It is extremely well produced and at almost 40 minutes it finally makes things much clearer. Enjoy!

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