Saturday, December 22, 2012

X Marks The Spot With Insane Megaman X Fanimation!

Mega Man has gone through quite a few different incarnations over the years but 3 different versions tend to resonate deepest with fans. Those three iterations are the original series, the Legends series and the X series. The X series is the darkest and most grown up version of Mega Man which is what gives this series such a strong following, especially with older fans. When the Blue Bomber was transformed into X on the Super Nintendo, minds were blown and the new series spawned 8 additional games with varying degrees of success but the original Mega Man X still remains an undisputed classic to this day. While many fans tend to focus fan created projects on the original series, it's quite refreshing when someone channels the X series for something new and original.

Shane Newville has done exactly that with his Megaman X Fanimation which showcases "a day in the life of Megaman X". Clocking in at 7 minutes, the short features a bit of fan service while illustrating just how badass X really is. Shane was assisted by the amazing Mounty Oum with the fight choreography animation and it shows with battles on par with Monty's sublime Dead Fantasy series. With Capcom's rather anemic 25th Anniversary showcase so far, it's insanely great to see such dedicated fans celebrating in such style. Enjoy!

And for those of you who want more of Monty Oum's amazing work, I am providing direct links to the Dead Fantasy series which pits the ladies of Final Fantasy against the ladies of Dead Or Alive and it is a sight to behold. Dead Fantasy II is some of the greatest digital fan service ever produced and will make your inner geek squeal in delight.

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