Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fan Made Mega Man 25th Anniversary Game Upstages Capcom

A group of talented Mega Man fans known as Team Reaverbot are working on a new game fittingly titled Mega Man 25th Anniversary. As the trailer shows, the game is all about fan service in the best way possible. The story kicks off with Dr. Wily missing and the Bonnes from Mega Man Legends taking over as the villains which is such a cool idea, I don't know why it wasn't implemented in the actual series. New bosses such as Bio Man and Tarot Man are previewed showcasing some slick new stage designs which include acid that progressively eats through platforms. Mega Man and Proto Man are both playable and switchable between levels even powering up at the same time to eliminate needless stage revisits to get the the same weapon twice. For longtime hardcore fans, Tango the Cat even makes a comeback which is pretty sweet for those who remember that characters one and only appearance (Mega Man V for the original Game Boy). Needless to say, this looks very promising and the trailer even pokes fun at one of Mega Man 8's game breaking design flaws showing that the developers know what is good and bad about the series. I have included the premiere trailer as well as a preview of the excellent soundtrack which is free for download. Look for a playable demo to drop on December 17th, the Blue Bomber's 25th birthday. Enjoy!

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