Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mega Man Inspired Gunman Clive Hitting Nintendo 3DS

As any reader of Treon's Realm knows, I am a big fan of independent games and Nintendo. I feel that the future of the industry lies in these two forces and I can't help but get excited when these forces combine to bring us something special. With that in mind, I bring you a sneak peak of a 3DS eShop title which is scheduled to make its US debut next Thursday (1/03/2013), Gunman Clive. The game originally hit mobile platforms earlier this year but one look will tell you that this game begs to be on Nintendo's slick little handheld. Dripping in a western theme showcasing a blend of Super Mario and Mega Man's gameplay with hand drawn paper graphics, the game encompasses all that is great about retro and indie gaming. The game oozes personality and shows how Nintendo is smartly embracing to indie community by making entry to their digital shops easy and painless for the many talented teams out there really pushing innovation. The game even sports a great soundtrack which evokes memories of the original Wild Arms theme. Set to launch with a $2 price tag, there is absolutely no reason not to download what will surely become a 3DS eShop classic. Enjoy and be sure to download your copy next week.

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