Friday, December 28, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack Available Now!

With Street Fighter X Mega Man now officially released, composer A_Rival has seen fit to release the Street Fighter X Mega Man OST and as expected, it's quite good and does a great job of mixing classic Mega Man themes with Street Fighter tunes while sounding natural. That classic 8-bit sound is perfectly preserved and makes for a great listen to any fan of chip tune music. You can download the entire 22 track album for FREE or set your own price if you would like to support A_Rival with a couple bucks.

The entire album is great but the Main Theme, Ryu Stage and Goes With Everything (Guile Theme) tracks are great standouts with the Guile Theme humorously titled because of the YouTube sensation of showing that the theme literally "Goes with everything"! One of my personal favorite examples of this is a clip which humorously mixes the theme with footage from Predator and 2012. Enjoy!

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