Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mega Man's Lost Sega Genesis Adventure!

Mega Man fans know that the Blue Bomber has primarily been on Sony and Nintendo platforms with the Big N receiving the lions share of games in the series. Generally speaking, only the hardcore Mega Man fans are familiar with one of the few titles not physically released in North America during the 16 bit era. That title is Mega Man: The Wily Wars for the Sega Genesis. The game was a compilation of the first 3 NES games upgraded with 16 bit graphics and featured an exclusive set of levels/bosses in the form of Wily Tower which is unlocked after completing the 3 core games. In North America, it was only available through the Sega Channel and while it did see cartridge release in Europe and Japan, it is pretty damn tough to find. Quality information on the title was pretty hard to come by due to the games obscurity.

This brings us to the YouTube channel for ClanOfTheGrayWolf and its star Roo. Roo is the creator and host of "16-Bit Gems", an excellent web series that unearths and explores many excellent games from the 16-Bit era among other topics. For our anniversary celebration, I am posting his two part video covering the Wily Wars in great detail. It's an interesting view and I would suggest it to any for of Mega Man or Retro Gamer. I also suggest checking out Roo's other 16-Bit Gems, I have found some excellent games on there I never knew about and his videos are extremely informative and entertaining. Enjoy and please subscribe to Roo if you like his videos!

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