Monday, December 31, 2012

Epic Feature Length Mega Man Fan Film

To close out our Mega Man 25th Anniversary coverage, I felt it appropriate to showcase one of the more impressive fan projects in terms of scope. Produced by Eddie Lebron and originally released back in 2010 by, the feature length fan film simply titled "Mega Man" shows an impressive level of quality given that these types of projects have little to no budget to work with. With production values on par and in many cases exceeding the Sci-Fi Channels own movies, Mega Man shows a lot of heart and impresses with a story that stays true to the original game series while bringing the characters to the real world in a respectful manner unlike the laughably bad 1993 Super Mario Bros. film. The film even adds some extra back story to Dr. Light to show his motives for creating Rock and Roll while fleshing out Dr. Wily as the spurned scientist we all love to hate. Enjoy!

Mega Man Fan Film Trailer - 1:45min

Mega Man Feature Length Fan Film - 1hr 34min

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