Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fan Crafted Mother 4 Is Coming In 2014!

It can be argued that there is no more dedicated video game fanbase than that for the Mother/EarthBound series. Their tireless efforts brought us the recent Wii U Virtual Console release of EarthBound which has seen excellent sales as well as creating a new generation of fans who have fallen in love with the game. It shows that the series is something truly unique and loved.

A group of these dedicated fans have crafted a brand new game in the series known as Mother 4. While not endorsed by Nintendo, the game is crafted with love and will be released for 100% free on PC's in 2014. It's very impressive and provided Nintendo doesn't stop its release will become a true milestone for the legendary series. If you are a fan of Mother or EarthBound, I urge you to check out the games official website. Enjoy!

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