Thursday, January 10, 2013

Castlevania 3DS Getting A Much Needed Demo

The Castlevania series received a major overhaul with "Lords of Shadow" and it definitely divided longtime fans of the classic franchise. There is little doubt that the Metroidvania take on the series was its most defining and successful approach so it was a bit jarring to suddenly be thrown into the God of War gameplay style of the new game. While the second game will be following the same style as the first, the 3DS game is attempting to return to the side scrolling roots of the series.

This brings us to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, a title which the developers stated would not be a traditional Metroidvania game and has caused alarm among fans of past portable Castlevania sharing the action adventure gameplay style. While the game does retain a few exploration based elements and a similar map system, the concern among fans seems to be enough to prompt Konami to release a 3DS demo. Personally, this is a great idea since my own concerns about titles such as Resident Evil Revelations and Kingdom Hearts 3D were put to rest due to their respective 3DS demo's which led me to purchase those games. The full release of the game in North America is March 5, 2013 so the demo will likely hit about a week before but no official date has been given. With any luck, we'll get to experience a quality  game in line with the wealth of excellent GBA and Nintendo DS Castlevania titles.

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