Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pandora's Tower Release Date, Price and Pre-order Details!

I can't deny the level of excitement I have for Pandora's Tower. As much as people love to hate on the Nintendo Wii, it really is a great system for people looking for unique and great sleeper hits. Xenoblade Chronicles and Last Story are among my top games from the last 5 years so I am thrilled that the Wii is getting a proper sendoff with a unique action RPG epic. Amazon and GameStop have both started taking pre-orders for the game as well as revealing the launch date and price.
  • Pre-order: Amazon or GameStop (Amazon is the best choice for online due to free shipping)
  • Release Date: March 26
  • Price: $39.99
While the date has not been officially confirmed by publisher XSEED, March 26th fits within the "spring 2013" announcement and is oddly specific for the 2 retailers who usually give a date on the final day of a month if they don't known a specific date. Be sure to grab your copy as this will be a limited release.

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