Saturday, January 5, 2013

Indie Hit FEZ Explores New Platforms In 2013

When it comes to Indie games, few are as famous and well publicized as FEZ. Hype and a long development cycle dogged this game like few others but when the game finally hit Xbox 360 in 2012, it managed to create an experience unlike anything else on the market. Focusing on puzzles and exploration, the game introduced players to a compelling world that begged to be explored.

The games designer Phil Fish is almost as well known as the game itself and while his personality and attitude on display in Indie Game: The Movie may divide some, there is no disputing that all of his work resulted in a wonderful gaming experience. Personally, while I may not agree with all of his views, I can understand his pain and passion to bring his vision to life despite the many obstacles which cropped up through the games development.

The biggest thing that saddened me as an indie game fan was the game being tied to Xbox 360 but that was a necessary aspect of development considering how long ago the game was started. Happily, this will be fixed this year as Phil Fish's company Polytron will begin to bring FEZ to other platforms. While specifics haven't been laid out, odds are high that the game will make its way to various PC operating systems as well as indie friendly platforms such as OUYA and Nintendo's Wii U which is on a mission to welcome indie games with open arms.


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