Thursday, January 3, 2013

SNES Classic Sim City Removed From Virtual Console

Another Super Nintendo classic bites the virtual dust. Much like the sudden removal of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy from the Wii Virtual Console service late last year, Nintendo has recently removed Sim City from the service without warning. This is proving to be a disturbing trend and is causing worry among many retro gamer's who are questioning why Nintendo is doing this and what titles may get cut in the future. Many seem to think these actions are tied to licensing issues much like the removal of the NES version of TMNT but that doesn't make sense with titles such as Donkey Kong Country because Nintendo owns them outright and while Sim City is owned by EA, Nintendo developed the SNES version and aside from name there is little reason for EA to fight the game being on Virtual Console. My personal recommendation is to either own the physical cartridges of your favorite retro titles or quickly start to purchase any Virtual Console titles you have been putting off. Once they are purchased, you can re-download them if they are removed in the future.

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