Saturday, January 19, 2013

Will PlayStation 4 Feature A Wii U Style Gamepad?

Right now we are taking this "news" with a grain of salt but when you consider Sony's past, it may not be that far off. CVG sources are stating that Sony may just be axing the Dual Shock as the primary controller for their upcoming PlayStation 4 (codename: Orbis). This may surprise some who have grown accustomed to the 15 year old controller which has seem very little change across Sony's three home consoles but the real shocking news (sarcasm alert!), is that the next controller will feature a LCD touchscreen (see Wii U Gamepad) and biometric sensors (see Wii Vitality Sensor).

If this is remotely close to being the final design of the controller, Sony will spin their usual yarn that they had conceptualized the entire thing long before Nintendo ever came up with it. These sources also claim that Sony will be revealing the PS4 sooner rather than later opening up the possibility of the system making a showing well before E3 2013.

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