Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Pokemon Series FINALLY Makes Some Major Changes!

Pokemon, the most successful RPG series of all time, has largely followed the exact same formula for over 15 years with changes mainly coming in the form of new Pokemon and communication between games. Nintendo has just unveiled Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS through their Nintendo Direct video series and it looks as if the series will be making some much requested changes as well as introducing the sixth generation of Pokemon and shifting away from the colors/precious gems naming convention. 

While little is known of the core story, the game showcases a shiny new 3D engine that truly brings the series to life and is a long overdue evolution for the series. The new 3D visuals, while not cutting edge, share a lot in common with newer handheld RPG's such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The battles also feature the new 3D engine which has been a sticking point for many fans wishing to see battles similar to the Pokemon Stadium games. The new series also marks another major landmark in the series with a simultaneous worldwide release this October. This is a major milestone for the series due to different regions around the world having access to past games months, if not years, in advance. In a competitive series which has gone online worldwide, this often hurt the fan community who wanted to play/trade with fellow fans in other country's. Provided the new games really begin to evolve the long time series, odds are high that many lapsed fans of the series (myself included) may just make a return to the insanely successful franchise. Enjoy!

View the Pokemon X & Pokemon Y trailer below - 1:30

Watch the full Nintendo Pokemon Direct below - 11:12

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