Thursday, March 21, 2013

Star Fox Fan Film Reminds Us That We NEED A New Game In This Great Series!

Many will argue that Nintendo is relying a bit too much on established franchises like Mario and Zelda while fan favorites are left to stagnate but this has become a necessary evil in a market that often won't support older or brand new franchises. Fans have taken it upon themselves to craft fan works for classic games that need a boost in recognition. One franchise that continues to thrive despite its rather spotty track record is Star Fox and fans have continued to show their support. A talented team on YouTube led by Joe Morrisseau took the classic space shooter and created a slick and visually stylized 8 minute CGI film which really captures the spirit of the series. Few video game series have had their look reinvented as much as Star Fox which is one reason why this particular fan film works so well considering that each of the games tend to look drastically different from each other. It's a great watch that needs more attention so please be sure to share and spread this film with all of your gaming friends. Enjoy!

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