Sunday, March 17, 2013

Experience Link's Original Adventure Through The Eyes of Princess Zelda

Recently, a man made headlines because of a small but notable change to the ROM of NES classic Donkey Kong. The alteration was made for his daughter who wanted to play as Pauline and rescue Mario from the titular ape. This news inspired yet another gamer to make a similar alteration to the original Legend of Zelda. The mod replaces the hero Link with the princess of legend, Zelda. It's a simple modification that surprisingly hasn't been done before yet makes a ton of sense considering her popularity and the fact that many fans are itching to see her star in her own original adventure. When you consider the increasing number of female gamer's, these types of mods will likely increase and with any luck we will begin to see more strong female video game leads in the vein of Samus (Metroid) and Jade (Beyond Good & Evil). You can preview the mod below and even visit the site of the author, Kenna W, to download a copy for yourself (complete with project details and instructions for ROM patching). Enjoy!

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