Monday, March 11, 2013

The Happy Video Game Nerd Celebrates The Underrated Doom 64

Starting with the N64, Nintendo consoles have had an increasingly robust relationship with the survival horror genre with the Wii having a rather large and varied selection of horror games. It could be argued that one of the early games to help usher in this niche genre for Nintendo consoles was Doom 64, a criminally underrated title that is actually one of the better titles in the popular series. Few have illustrated this as well as the Happy Video Game Nerd, a great YouTube reviewer who seeks out the underrated games of the past and puts them in the spotlight. Doom 64 remains an excellent game in the series and for me at least, it destroys Doom 3 which I found rather disappointing overall (calm down Doom 3 fans, it's still a solid game). Enjoy!

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