Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OUYA Is Set To Launch With A Variety Of Nintendo Emulators

For Kickstarter backers, the OUYA is scheduled to arrive within the next week or two. While the mainstream gaming media seems to be mocking the console, I am personally excited at what COULD happen which is why I backed the machine last year. At the very least, in the worst case scenario that the machine bombs, it will still be very usable to retro gamer's and collector's due to its extremely open nature. Among the early applications available on the machine, it has been announced that there will be emulators for the NES, SNES and N64 ready for its launch this month. The convenience and utility of this is quite exciting for a retro gamer who has a large collection of cartridges but not a lot of space and wants quick current generation access to their collection. The most interesting emulator is Mupen64Plus (Also funded through Kickstarter) which gives OUYA users access to their N64 titles without the headache associated with other systems outside of the Nintendo Wii. While the Nintendo Wii is a great system, its N64 offerings are VERY limited which is where the OUYA will offer a lot to N64 fans. What are your thoughts on the OUYA? Please share below and follow Treon's Realm on Twitter.


  1. So let me get this straight, this device will Emulate the older cartridge based games? Iam all for it i have a lot of games but there are some that i missed, and now i have a chance to relive them and something new as well? Sign me up!!

    1. Yea man, you should check out some of the info on this thing. Just search the site for OUYA. I hope to have some impressions of it after it arrives later in the week. Thanks for the comment.