Friday, March 1, 2013

Amazing Goldeneye 64 Medley Will Rock Your Eardrums!

Few will deny just how amazing Goldeneye was and still is for the N64. The game brought the FPS to consoles and did it in a way that still can't be replicated as well to this day. From it's open mission structure to the incredible multiplayer that was created as an afterthought by RARE, the game has earned its place in gaming history. A large part of the experience that often gets glossed over is the excellent soundtrack which still holds up to this day and for some is almost as memorable and iconic as the Mario or Zelda soundtracks. A talented group of artists known as On Being Human have put together a stunning medley of the RARE classic covered with actual instruments and Holy $#!T is it awesome! It is a must listen for any fan and you can even download the song for a mere dollar right here. Enjoy!

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