Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nintendo Previews Their Improvement To The Wii U OS?

I've had a solid month with the Wii U and while I can see why people have complained about the machine, I have found myself enjoying the console far more than I expected. Nintendo has done a lot right with their new console and I feel that it will really flourish once the big exclusives begin to hit. As it stands right now, the machine is being dogged by the typical issues that hit EVERY new home console in its freshman year. One issue that has bothered me personally is the loading times within the system's OS. While not a deal breaker, I find that I would have a bigger issue with this had I not developed the patience that comes with being a parent. With this in mind, I was quite happy that Nintendo didn't make excuses and took ownership of the problem announcing back in January that they would release two major updates to the OS in the Spring and Summer to fix this issue among others. The first update is coming next month and Nintendo has gone the extra mile of releasing a video to show the improvements in loading after the update. People continue to endlessly rag on Nintendo but I feel these kinds of moves show a level of commitment to the fans that isn't common nowadays. Thank you Nintendo.

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