Sunday, March 3, 2013

Witness Our Culture In Decline If You Dare

Treon's Realm is primarily focused on video gaming but expanding your personal knowledge and understanding is extremely important. With this in mind, it is important to educate one's self when the real world and our entertainment cross one another. It is no secret that war and aggression are an integral part of many video games (for better or worse) and with the recent school shootings, this video from the "Culture in Decline" video series is a fitting look at current day America and our ingrained attitudes about war. This post is not meant as a political statement, just information presented in an entertaining way to help you think outside of what our system has tried to restrict us to. Enjoy!

I welcome comments and discussion below but please watch the entire video first so you don't sound like the "typical American" who bitches about something without taking the time to educate themselves. Thank you and please subscribe the the Culture in Decline YouTube channel if you like what you see.

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