Tuesday, March 12, 2013

XSEED Releases First US Trailer For Pandora's Tower

XSEED Games has released their first official US trailer for Pandora's Tower. Oddly, the trailer is rather somber considering the action oriented gameplay but is still fitting within the context of the story. The game has also had a slight shift in its release with XSEED announcing a rather nebulous April launch with no actual date yet. This is a smart move considering the large number of titles coming out in March for the 3DS and Wii U which would have buried this title in the eyes of the Nintendo fans who want to play it. Be sure to pre-order your copy soon if you haven't already, XSEED has stated that this will be a limited release since they don't expect it to be nearly as successful as The Last Story and they will be ordering a smaller quantity accordingly. Once again, the excellent XSEED is showing that they are doing this for the fans so please be sure to show your support. Enjoy!

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