Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New "A Hat In Time" Showcases Chapter 2 As Nintendo Opens Its eShop To Everyone

A Hat in Time is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated indie games with its ambitious and daring attempt to revive the 3D platformer in indie form. The visuals are stunning and the latest trailer takes things to the next level showing off a beautiful mix of Wind Waker with a dash of Majora's Mask while the hero explores "The Subcon Forest". The odds keep increasing that we will see this game on the Wii U with Nintendo unveiling their new eShop rules at this years GDC. Essentially, as long as you are a licensed developer with the Big N, you are free to develop for the eShop. This includes developers setting their own prices, offering freemium content and making a cut of every copy sold from day 1. Nintendo has even lifted the requirement of developers needing an official office which opens the system to just about every indie developer. This all means that A Hat in Time will likely find a home on the perfect system for its delightful adventure. Expect to hear more as news breaks. Enjoy!

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